Nakkitha’s 100 Word Challenge


Once I saw a mansion witch was old and dusty,it had windows covered in cobwebs and ghosts dancing around in the moonlight. I told my friends about what I saw in the moonlight. my friends and I played a dare game and I lost,so they gave me a dare.I had to enter the spooky,old mansion.That night I went into the mansion.The rusty gate creaked as I opened it.I had a feeling this might be my last minute alive.Who knows what would happen to me? Do you know what will happen to me?



Trip to Stantonbury


Our day at Stantonbury
First of all we went to the theatre and there were lots of different schools.

Performing arts
We learnt this song called Oom pah pah and we learnt it with different sounds . We were very happy and we will now put the lyrics on.

There’s a little ditty
They’re singing in the city
especially when they have been on
the Gin
or the beer
If you have the patience
your own imaginations
Will tell just exactly what you hear

Omm pah pah
That’s how is goes
Omm pah pah
Everyone knows
They all suppose what they want to suppose
When they hear Oom pah pah

In Science we made some slime with glue and it was very sticky .We were allowed to choose the colour for the slime it was very cool it was like a ball . After the Science teacher showed us bubbles and he put the bubbles on his hands. Then he put his hands into the fire it looked very scary and it smelled very weird. The teacher told us that jelly babies were very unhealthy .

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For lunch we had chicken,roast potatoes and vegetables.For dessert we had apple crumble.Some of us did not like it so we gave it to our friends.

First of all we were lining up then we would form a group of 5. When we were in are groups they show us the teen ager who we will work with.The Maths was very tricky and fun to learn with teen ager.We all were trying very hard in are groups to find the answer.Every 7 minutes we would have to change to a different game.

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D.T (Design Technology)
In D.T we make a key rings we had to design a key ring about Stantonbury , how we are feeling and what we did. When finished are key rings they put them in the oven. When you put the key rings into the oven it’s getting smaller and it was very warm it was very relaxing.After we had to do a quiz.


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The coach was a double decor bus.
By Naa and Tracy

The garden


i was eating my breakfast when my mum said ‘we are going to do the gardening today’. but before we started we needed to go to the garden shop. so we did. we got lots of new flowers,garden we-pones,shed, garden tables and a bench. we started to do the garden. the rusty gate we had to fit but it fell on my mum.we had to go to the hospital. it took two days to get my mum get better. i had to sleep round my nans. we had so much fun together in the back garden.


Naa’s lesson to others aswell(100 word challanage.


The light was so bright that it almost blinded me.Mum said

“You are a naughty girl for looking at the sun so,that is why I bought you some sun glasses”

” I hate sunglasses mum because if I wear them it will blind me even more,” said Laura

“Well they are good for your eyes and they shade your eyes,”said mum

Then one hot sunny day it was a boiling and blasting day and Laura did not bring her sunglasses, and she looked at the and it almost hit but her mum just saved her.I am glad my chid has eyesight god.

The Highwayman


In Literacy we read a story poem called the Highwayman.The story was about a highwayman who was in love with a girl called Bess,But there was a man who loved Bess before the highwayman came.His name was Tim.Tim was jealous of the highwayman because he loves Bess.The highwayman said the he would come at moonlight.Tim heard what he said.He made a plan to capture the highwayman.Bess waited until moonlight the next night.But he didn’t return.She waited and waited but instead of the highwayman came the Red Coats came instead of the Highwayman. It was Tim’s plan to capture Bess because he knew the highwayman would come to save her when he found out that Bess was tied up.The highwayman came riding.There was a gun pointing at her heart. Bess wiggled her finger and pulled the trigger of the gun.BANG! Bess shot herself.She shot herself to warn the highwayman.The highwayman heard the Big Bang and went away.The next day he he went to Bess’s house to visi her where the Red Coats tell him that Bess has died. He charged to the Red Coats and they shot him.Then the story repeats and this time we think that it is the ghost of the highwayman and Bess.
By Nakkitha

Daniel’s advise about good openers and description


The rosey red door staired at me that is an start of a sentens with a good opener it also makes you whant to hear more dosent it but this one makes you put the book down I looked at the red door. That is realy boring would you put the book down? this is also a good start to a sentence: I gazed at the butifull sun set that is one is a good start to a sentence. Hear is some description: have you ever read the firework makers daghter? If you havent then that has realy good description in it when she gets to meat the fire fiend that realy helped me with my discription and looking in theasorus and remembering words help as that is also somethink I would recomend too.You can go on the internet and serch good words for what ever wich you can do like a theasorus and remember that helps. You can use the book theasorus as well.

Darcy 100 word challenge


I was at the zoo and we was coming down to the birds. I saw a bird but the bird swooped down and hit the flor. We went in and got the bird and we ran to the vets they said we need you to help. So we did. We had to put funny cloths. After the small bit is done we had to go out so we went home. The next day we got a call. They said we have a good thing for you so we went to the vets. They said you can keep the bird.